PCB Mounted Transformers



We offer a wide range of PCB mounted transformers with ratings of 1VA to 30VA.


PCB mounted transformers are available in three formats:

  • Open Type
  • Encapsulated
  • Encapsulated Low Profile

Standard Ranges

pcb transformerThe open style Euro primary range covers 3 to 12VA with 2x115V or single 230V primary options.

The multi primary range gives options for 110, 220 or 240V supply.

encapsulated transformerWe also offer a range of short circuit proof encapsulated PCB mounted transformers ranging from 1VA to 13VA. Smaller parts are inherently short circuit proof due to the resistance of the windings. Larger parts are fitted with a self resetting PTC over temperature device.

Low Profile transformerThe Low Profile range covers 2VA to 30V with a wide range of secondary options, including the Triple Output parts, which can supply 12-0-12V and 5V DC rails. 2VA to 9VA parts share the same footprint, as do 10VA to 30VA transformers. All parts can be secured to the PCB with self tapping screws if required.

Custom Built

Of course we can supply transformers not covered by our standard range parts above. In fact the vast majority of the transformers we manufacture are custom built to meet our customer's needs. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will be delighted to assist you.